‣  Aerial Lift/Forklift Training
‣  GHS/Haz-Com/Right-to-know Training

The OSHA laws are complex and frequently updated, therefore can become difficult and time consuming for the business owner to maintain compliance. We, as safety and human resource consultants, can perform safety management functions thoroughly and for less cost than the business owners themselves.

Associated Management Consultants is a full service TOSHA, OSHA, and workers compensation safety consulting firm located outside of Nashville, TN. We specialize in assisting businesses with OSHA compliance issues and workers compensation regulations. In 2009, AMC Safety was recognized as top Safety Consultant of the Southeast Region by Cambridge Who's Who.

Providing Safety Consulting for the Following Regions:
- Tennessee
- Northern Alabama
- Northern Georgia
- Southern Kentucky


‣  Excavation and Trenching Training


- Larry Irwin (President)

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- Jennifer Corley (Client Relations & Marketing)
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- Amanda Harter (Office Manager)
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- Gary Crawford (Safety Consultant)
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 -Brandon Johnson (Safety Consultant)
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 -Carrie Christmas (Safety Consultant)
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As a safety professional:

- We have the expertise to recognize existing and potential safety hazards in your workplace.

- We can help you select and implement proven, cost-effective plans to prevent and/or control occupational hazards and/or non-compliance issues.

- We are current on OSHA and workers compensation laws and regulations, which can improve safety by assisting your company with all standards and practices applicable to your company.

-We can quickly customize an effective safety and health program to fit your company's needs.



Associated Management Consultants

(AMC Safety)


Masonry Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, General Contractors, Land Development Contractors, Steel Erector Contractors, Plastic Injection Molding, Electric Motor Building, Warehousing/Shipping, Automotive Service, Steel Welding Manufacturing, Scaffold Manufacturing & Distribution

Who We Represent:

‣  OSHA Construction Safety Training

What is the Bottom Line?

‣  PPE Respiratory Fit Test/Training
‣  Rigger/Signal Person Training
-  Heartsaver CPR/First Aid Training

1. Fewer lost-time accidents and/or incidents.

2. Reduced indirect costs associated with accidents and/or incidents.

3. Fewer workers compensation claims, reducing deductible payments and insurance premiums.

4. Reduced risk of litigation time related to workers injuries and/or OSHA non-compliance issues.



‣   10 & 30 Hour OSHA Classes

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Company Overview:


‣  Electric/Arc Flash Safety Training

‣  Scaffold Training


  Fall Protection Training