"For many years, AMC Safety has represented Fast Electrical Contractors as our Safety Consultant. Through this association, they have earned our respect, appreciation and recommendation. The knowledgeable team at AMC Safety have provided valuable training and insight for our company, both in the classroom and in the field. Not only have they saved us on expenses and helped prevent costly accidents, they have more importantly guided our employees to becoming a more "safety minded" organization. As an employer we have an obligation to assure our employees that they will have a safe environment to work in and co-workers that protect that integrity. Through the many services offered by AMC Safety, we are able to live up to that promise. If you need a safety company to partner with, Larry Irwin and his staff at AMC Safety is who we would recommend."- Ron Dixon, General Manager of Fast Electrical Contractors

"I've had the privilege of working with Larry Irwin and the rest of the AMC Safety staff for eight years. They are honest and dependable people who are very knowledgeable about safety and even more passionate about it. That passion and customer service they provide is the reason why AMC is one of our most trusted partners. I would highly recommend AMC for anywone who wants to make safety a priority in their company."- Clay Stacker, President of SouthLand Constructors

"Hello, I have attended several courses over the years and I have to say this course was absolutely TOP NOTCH! Larry, thank you for your time and commitment to each of us! As students, I can attest, I've never attended a class that an instructor cares about their students as GENUINELY as you do. Best of luck and keep in touch. Thanks, Jeremy W.

"To whom it may concern: I would like to express my feelings and gratitude for my instructor, Larry Irwin. I have been through hundreds of training courses in my career, and Larry is without a doubt the best instructor that I have EVER had!! He is passionate about safety, about helping people, and just loves helping us be the best we can be. I enjoyed his classes so much and the training I received was second to NONE. I want to say thank you for my great experience. David M."

"I can certainly jump in with more pixie dust and sunshine. I have to say that this class, Larry, and all those who attended, far and away made this the best, most constructive, productive, and insightful class I attended last week. Actually, I kid around a bit. You were all awesome. I walked away from the program a better, more knowledgeable person. And I thank you for that! Good luck, God bless, and stay in touch. Frank D."

What others are saying about us!

"I'm an early riser and am usually the first to arrive wherever I might be going, being a job site, office, or as in this case, a class to further my education. Larry has always been there when I arrived double checking everything to make sure the class will go the way he intends. Larry will greet each student as they arrive and dresses appropriately. He is very well prepared and thorough. He does a good briefing on the facility, restrooms, parking, exits, breaks, emergency plan, schedule for the day, lunch, and what time you should expect to be finished for the day. I have found Larry to be very familiar with whatever subject matter we are discussing. One of the things Larry has impressed on our class from the very beginning is to be well prepared. To quote him "I expect 40 hours of prep time for every hour of presenting time". I've followed his advice from day one and felt I have been well prepared for the assignments he has us to. Larry had the whole class completely engaged in what topic we are discussing, doesn't stand in one spot- continues to move around the room, and puts students at ease while checking to see if the information that is being presented is actually being received. Larry challenges the students, encourages the group to share the "WHYS" of many topics. Larry makes the class fun, all while staying on topic. I want to say this experience has been a very good one for me. I have gotten to know him as not just a teacher, but consider him a friend and mentor. Respectfully, George L."

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